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Sound Money: Scriptural Principles to Guide Monetary Policy

This past year I was appointed by the high school athletic booster's club to supervise the concessions during the basketball games. My two sons played on the varsity team and I felt a responsibility to help the school in any way I could. It is also a good way to make many new acquaintances.

One evening I was showing a volunteer mother how to operate the popcorn machine. This was her first time working in the concession stand and she was very apprehensive and serious as she followed my instructions. I added first one properly portioned measure of salt to the popcorn. Being in a jocular mood, I added a second measure of salt explaining that often I did this. She then asked why I would double the proper portion. I responded with a straight face, "Because we sell more drinks this way." She looked a little surprised at my response, especially since I had previously told her that I was an ordained minister. Later, as I was showing her how to serve the soft drinks I encouraged her to fill the cups to the top with ice. I explained how ice was less expensive than coke and this enabled us to make more money. By this time she must have been wondering if I had received my ordination papers through some mail order catalogue. Maybe I had taken my humor a bit too far.