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Sermons on Zechariah: The Angelic Horseman

We come now upon the first vision received by Zechariah. This is the first of a series of nine visions given on one night, Zech. 1:7,8. This series of visions stretches from Zechariah 1:8 through 6: 15 and is largely concerned with Judah's immediate future history. In a sense, the first vision is an overview of the others, giving the general theme of the whole series. The other visions advance the message contained in this one.

The object of the present vision was to uplift the dejected Jews who, despite their returning to their land from captivity, did not see much hope before them, Zech. 1:13. The burning question in their hearts is asked for them by the angel of the Lord, Zech.1:l2. As we shall see, the point of the vision is the necessity of divine intervention on Judah's behalf.