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The Praying Christian: Prayer and the Decree of God

God's decree is His eternal plan whereby God has predetermined or foreordained everything which shall happen (Eph. 1:4-6,11). His plan includes various particulars; thus, we often refer to God's decrees in the plural when actually there is but one decree. As absolute ruler, God brings to pass all that happens for an appointed purpose. We could say that God's sovereignty is the means by which His eternal decree is realized. There are some important considerations of God's decree with regard to how it relates to prayer. First, we need to recognize that God's decree is eternal. We must keep in mind that God doesn't have a past to which He is irrevocably bound. The distinction of time has no meaning to God who inhabits eternity. Eternity is an everlasting present where the past never passes and the future is always present. In order to meet man's comprehension of time, since he is a finite creature, the Bible speaks of past decrees and a coming future.