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Sermons on Zechariah: The Measuring Line

As we look into this vision, we should remember that this is the third in a series of visions Zechariah received on one night. In the first one involving the angelic horsemen, Zechariah was granted insight into the overwhelming resources available to God's people. The multitude of God's host angels are at work in the world. In the second one involving the four craftsmen, he was informed of the coming destruction of the foes of God's people. The enemies of God would get their due, despite their present peace.

Now in the third vision of the man with the measuring line, God promises to enlarge, secure, and glorify His people. The three visions are closely related. Remember that David desired the horns of the wicked be cut off so that the horns of the righteous would be exalted (Psa. 75:10). So after Zechariah 1:18-21 comes 2:1-13. The Measuring Line vision, therefore, unfolds the development of God's glorious purposes for His people through history into the future.