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John 17: Jesus' Prayer for All True Christians

The following message was delivered at the memorial service for Robert Dieterle who passed away Nov. 18, 1991. He is survived by wife Mrs. Naomi Neely Dieterle; daughter, Dana Weaver, Cumming; daughter and son-in-law Deborah and Mike Minkoff, Cumming; sons and daughters in law, Ernest and Christine Russell, Acworth, Dennis and Pamela Weaver, Canton, Daren and Lora Weaver of Cumming; sister Elin C. Griggs of Mobile, Alabama; and 15 grandchildren. Mr. Dieterle was carried to Erie, PA for services and internment.

In times of grief like this, it is a comfort to know that people are praying for you. But there is no greater comfort in the world than to know that Jesus is praying for you, and that he is praying for you everyday. And, be assured, Christian family, that the incomparable Lord Jesus Christ is earnestly praying for you this very moment in your time of grief and loss.