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Backpacking: Enjoying Gods Creation and Family

Five minutes with my kids in front of Mario Brothers? No way! Lock me up in solitary on Devil's Island with nothing but a Rubix Cube. Either way, I'll go insane. I know that I need to spend time with my children, but what we do during that time is not always easy to decide.

What then is a father to do? How can you spend quality time with your children - I mean without being either the ultimate nemesis to an electronic Darth Vader or attempting your own version of "Mr. Mom"? Many fathers have, no doubt, experienced the frustration in selecting a family activity that still allows them the freedom to be a man. Video games, board games, card games, ringtoss... wow! Don't these just stir your manly spirit? Of course you can opt to pursue a spectator activity, watching other men do "man stuff." However, vicarious enjoyment is just not the same as doing it yourself.