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Sermons on Zechariah: The Ultimate Priest

We come now to the fourth vision given Zechariah on his night of visions, the others occurring in 1:8; 2:1; 3:1. Since the historical context is so important to the understanding of the prophecy, let us refresh our memories and get our historical bearings once again. As Isaiah prophesied long before it happened, Israel had been exiled to Babylon for her idolatry. During the exile the prophets Daniel and Ezekiel ministered God's word in Babylon. But seventy years after the first phase of the captivity, God raised up Cyrus of Persia to overthrow Babylon in order to free the Jews so that they could go back to the Promised Land. Upon their return home they enthusiastically laid the foundation for the rebuilding of the Temple. But they soon apathetically dropped the construction project, allowing it to make no further progress for fourteen years.