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Triumph Through Trial: The Story of Bill Strevel

Bill Strevel was wounded during the Vietnam War, in March, 1969. He and his wife, Susan had been married 11 months. She was living in their home in East Point, Georgia, and was pregnant with their first child. A two-page telegram was delivered to Susan describing all the places the shrapnel had hit Bill and the severe damage that the bullets had done to his liver. That was the beginning of what Susan calls "Bill's struggle to know God." Susan, who has been a widow now for six years, was looking back during his birthday recently and remembering Bill and his walk with the Lord. Bill died in April, 1986, due to the complications of liver damage. Their son Chris was 16 and their daughter Deanna was 14 years old.

The Strevel family joined Chalcedon Presbyterian Church eight years ago. Today, Chris and Deanna are students at Georgia State University. Chris is a newlywed; Chalcedon's Youth Pastor and is studying under Rev. Morecraft for the ministry. Deanna holds a full time job and also has worked with the church's youth.