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Sermons on Zechariah: The Flying Scroll

As we move into chapter 5 of Zechariah, we detect a sharp change of tone from what we had previously experienced. Heretofore, Zechariah's message had been one of great consolation. Though cast often in mysterious visionary form, the revelation through Zechariah has been decidedly one of comfort. The Jews were reminded that by God's grace, they had been delivered from captivity back to the Promised land. They were being encouraged by God's affirmation on of the promise of the rebuilding of the Temple and the restoring of Jerusalem, despite the opposition of the pagan world (Zech. 1-2); In addition, they learned of God's promised restoration of the priesthood and government (Zech. 3-4).

Nevertheless, the message God granted Zechariah did not end with, Zechariah 4. In chapter 5 God reveals something of judgment and woe. But upon whom? And for what reason?