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Sermons on Zechariah: The Woman in the Ephah

In our last message we noted that as we enter Zechariah 5 there is an evident change of tone: a change from consolation to warning: Here we leave the vision of the white robes of innocence for the high priest, as in chapter 3. Here we no longer see the miraculous impartation of the pure oil of the Holy Spirit as in chapter 4. The representations of the Gospel hope vanish from view. In this chapter the people are brought face to face with the demands of the law and the potential curse it threatens against the lawless. Our covenant theology understands the significance of the prophets as standing for God's lawyers, representing God and His legal suit against Israel. So they necessarily demand law obedience.

You see, Zechariah not only urged the rebuilding of the Temple, but also confronted the national conscience regarding the awful nature of its sinfulness. He begins with words of consolation and grace, speaking the wonders of God's love. But as a true prophet of God he cannot forget the demands of God's righteous Law. Soothing words are protected against abuse.