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Sermons on Zechariah: The Four Chariots

In the passage before us we come to the concluding vision of the series of visions that Zechariah received on one night. The next visions are not received until a later date. The last date mentioned in Zechariah 1:7 was where the visions began; it is not changed until Zech. 7:1.

In a sense, Zechariah has come full circle in this series of visions. In his first vision, recorded in Zechariah 1:8-11, he saw the vision of the Four Horsemen on horses colored similarly to the horses pulling the Four Chariots in Chapter 6 (Zech. 6:2-3; 1:8). Those Four Horsemen were also in a valley, as are these Four Chariots (Zech. 6:1; 1:8).