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Christians for Truth: Youths Stand for Christ in South Africa

Two years ago in the Republic of South Africa, 3,500 youths went to a Christian youth conference at the Kwasizabantu mission to speak to Pastors Erlo Stegen and Kje1l Olsen. These young Christians ranged in age from 10 to 16 years old. They told the pastors they were ready to take a stand against the African National Congress (ANC)and other Communist parties who were continually threatening them and trying to scare them into joining and serving the communist groups.

"These groups have intimidated and persecuted our Christian friends for their faith throughout the country," said Pastor Olsen, during a recent visit he and Pastor Stegen made to the U.S. We have documented, factual case after case of these persecutions. Young people are threatened with knives and are beaten for refusing to join "The People". ANC offices are set up inside the schools and children are called in and threatened. And the youth are standing for Christ."