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Grace to Help in Time of Need Part 2

Mark and Lonna Akin were recently interviewed by Debbie Raines. They tell of God's mercies to them in the midst of Lonna's current battle with Leukemia. Lonna is still in need of a bone marrow donor.

Q. What particular books, tapes,or Scripture passages have encouraged you?

Lonna: I was reading Why Pray If God Already Knows in the hospital, and I enjoyed that. It helped me take my mind off of my situation and put it into prayer. Not that I was a great prayer warrior in the hospital. I think there are a lot of spiritual battles that go on there that make it real hard for you to pray. I heard this from another man who has a similar disease. We also liked Spurgeon's Twelve Sermons For the Troubled and Tried. Mark would read those aloud to me as I was having trouble reading. Something - the chemotherapy or the drugs you take to premedicate for that - make you real drowsy. It's real hard to read. Mark would read Scripture aloud to me or those sermons and that would really help. Of course, I enjoyed Steve Schlissel's tapes especially one called Rock/in Doctrine. It was a great boost to me. Reading the Psalms were very comforting, and then Byron Snapp shared with me Romans 8:28.