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Sermons on Zechariah: In Vain Do They Worship

The worship of God is the highest calling of man. It is the fulfillment of the very purpose of our existence, for God has created all things to bring Him glory (Rev. 4: 11) and man alone of the creatures of the earth has the capacity to worship. Worship is of two varieties: There is generic worship, which is the honor and dedication to God evident in our day-to-day affairs. It is living for God in all of life. Then there is specific worship, which is the setting apart of a specific time and place for the formal, corporate praise of God.

As Christians we ought to be concerned to worship God as Christ commanded "in spirit and in truth" John 4:24). But what does such mean? A close look at the episode recorded in Zechariah 7 will uncover the principle of specific worship "in spirit and truth" being applied.