Through the Bible Sermon Series
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Through the Bible Sermon Series

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Listen and follow along as Pastor Morecraft preaches through the entire Bible. In each sermon he gives a brief outline and includes in-depth application that brings out the woven fabric of God's revealed Word.

This is a 69 sermon series.

Genesis:  The Tests of Faith
Exodus:  The Kindness and Severity of God
Leviticus:  A Holy People for a Holy God
Numbers:  The Danger of Murmuring Against God
Deuteronomy:  A Magnificent Declaration of Blessings and Curses
Joshua:  Courageous Faithfulness
Judges:  The Failure of First Generation Reconstructionists
Ruth:  The Gospel In A Love Story
I Samuel:  Honor For Honor
II Samuel:  An Entire Life Rich With God's Loving-kindness
I Kings:  Solomon's Temple
II Kings:  King Hezekiah: A Bright Spot In A Dark Age
The Gospel of The Tabernacle of The Lord
I Chronicles:  A Man After God's Own Heart
II Chronicles:  The Way to Revival
Ezra:  The Restoration Of the Church
Nehemiah:  The Reconstruction of the City of God
Esther:  The Awe of Providence
Job:  The Triumph of Faith During Suffering
Psalms:  An Exquisite Picture of a Happy Life
Proverbs:  The Life of Wisdom
Ecclesiastes:  The Joy of Life
Song of Solomon:  The Celebration of Love
Isaiah:  The Conquering, Triumphant Christ
Jeremiah:  Good Preachers and False Preachers
Lamentations:  The Mercy of God in Christ:  Our Only Hope of Salvation
Ezekiel:  The Future of Politicians Who Pass Bad Laws and Give Bad Advice
Daniel:  The Triumphant Kingdom of Christ
Hosea:  The Heart and Holiness of God
Joel:  The Day of the Lord and the Holy Spirit
Amos:  The Famine of the Preaching of the Word of God
Obadiah:  God's Triumphant Justice
Jonah:  Jonah and the Whale
Micah:  The Micah Mandate
Nahum:  God's Wrath is Our Salvation
Habakkuk:  By Faith Alone
Zephaniah:  Salvation Through Judgment
Haggai:  Recovering the Vision
Zechariah:  The Gospel According to Zechariah
Malachi:  Trusting And Testing God
One Covenant:  Two Dispensations
Matthew:  The Pedigree of Jesus
Mark:  The Passion of Christ
Luke:  Zaccheus and Jesus
John:  God's Immeasurable Love
Acts:  The Ministry of the Spirit of Christ
Romans:  God's Eternal Plan for Christians
I Corinthians:  The Foolishness of God
II Corinthians:  The War for the Church and the Earth
Galatians:  What Paul Really Said In Galatians
Ephesians:  The Headship of Christ
Philippians:  Christ: Our Strength and Joy
Colossians:  Complete in Christ
I Thessalonians:  God's Will for Your Life
II Thessalonians:  The Second Coming and Judgment Day
I Timothy:  Guard The Treasure!
II Timothy:  Perilous People in Perilous Times
Titus:  The True Christian Way of Life
Philemon:  A Real Picture of the Christian Life
Hebrews:  The Danger of Apostasy
James:  Faith and Works
I Peter:  The Grandeur of Salvation
II Peter:  The Eternal Home Of The Redeemed
I John:  Tests of Life
II John:  To All Lovers of Truth
III John:  Truth and Hospitality
Jude:  The Acts of the Apostates
Revelation:  The Victory of Christ and His Church Over All Opposition
Revelation:  The Millennium


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