Revelation Sermon Series
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Revelation Sermon Series

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This series is a groundbreaking look into the oft-debated book of Revelation.  Many people have tried to understand Revelation and failed, which leaves the impression that it is impossible for ordinary Christians to understand.  In this series, Pastor Morecraft unveils this book for all to see and understand, using the clear principles of interpretation laid out in the first chapter.  The listener will not only be able to understand Revelation and how it pertains to the rest of Scripture, but will be able to defend against modern distortions of the book.  This is a 35 sermon series.

Topics Include:

The Principles for Interpreting Revelation
The Star of Revelation
The Seven Churches - Part One
The Seven Churches - Part Two
The Seven Churches - Part Three
The Seven Churches - Part Four
The Seven Churches - Part Five
The Throne of God
Sovereignty of the Lamb
The Opening of the Seven Seals - Part One
The Opening of the Seven Seals - Part Two
The Sealing of the Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand
Prayer and the Fire of God
The Seven Trumpets
The Strong Angel and the Little Book
The Measuring of The Temple
The Two Witnesses
The Lady, The Boy, and the Dragon
The Dragon and the Beasts
The Lamb, The Mountain, and the Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand
The Book of Revelation, The Fall of Rome
Bowls of Divine Wrath, Part One
Bowls of Divine Wrath, Part Two
The Scarlet Woman
The Fall of Babylon
The Hallelujah Chorus
The All-Conquering Word
The Millennium Part One, The Binding of Satan
The Millennium Part Two, The Reign of the Saints
The Release of Satan
The Great White Throne Judgment
The New Heavens and New Earth
The City of God
The Morning Star
A Recapitulation of Revelation


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