American Mind in 1776 Series
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American Mind in 1776 Series

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Discover why the American Colonists fought for freedom.

In this 6 sermon series, Joe Morecraft analyzes the deep roots of the worldview that produced America’s founding documents and the War for Independence.  The primary reading resource for this foundational American History study is American History Lectures.

“Why try to understand the American mind in 1776?

Such a study will enable us to comprehend the meaning and significance of the Declaration of Independence, the legality and nature of America’s War for Independence, and the reasons for the kind of civil government created by the U.S. Constitution.

What is so important about understanding these events and documents of the late 18th Century, when we are living in the 21st Century?

They define who we are as the United States of America.  They set us on a certain course that was meant to define and structure our life down through our generations as a nation.

Without any true understanding of our roots, we will have nothing to measure whether we have been faithful to those roots or whether we have abandoned them.”

        - Dr. Joseph Morecraft, III


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