With Liberty & Justice For All
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With Liberty & Justice For All

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With Liberty & Justice For All

Our nation’s circumstances give us all pause. One of the greatest assets a people can have to change a country’s direction is tools to educate and properly inform Christians. A person armed with knowledge and confidence can disarm and lead those who are weak - "Those who read lead". Having said this, we introduce Joe Morecraft’s book With Liberty & Justice For All.

This revised and expanded 4th edition includes six new chapters and contemporary typesetting. We encourage our brethren to purchase/distribute copies, with the goal of changing the way Christians and thereby the world understand God-ordained government. 192 pages

This is the tenth finished product to come out of our new Publishing Project!

Chapters in this book include:

The Theology of Politics (R.J. Rushdoony)
The Origin of Civil Government
The Function of Civil Government
The Power of a Minister of God
The Power of the Sword
The Power to Tax
The Counter-Productivity of not Linking Christianity and Politics
The Keys and the Sword: The Relation of Church and State
The Meaning of the Life and Death of Larry McDonald
What are You Doing About the American Holocaust?
Women Civil Magistrates?
Agents of Social Change
The Social Agenda of the New Administration
The Source of Law
The Message from Heaven to Politicians
Will Christian Reconstruction Work in the 21st Century? Yes and No!

Bonus: Audio CD of Pastor Morecraft's address at GA State Representative Bobby Franklin’s memorial service. This CD is included with each book, both to honor Bobby Franklin’s memory, and because it is such a vital message, particularly to any current or prospective civil magistrates.

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