Donation Categories

Chalcedon Presbyterian ChurchThese funds will be used as a tithe or general donation, to support the operating expenses of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church, as we seek to obey the Great Commission and encourage the saints.

worldmapThe Chalcedon Media Ministry is devoted to reaching out beyond the physical walls of the church building, to share the Gospel with our neighbors, our nation, and ALL the nations, and to equip the saints worldwide.

With Liberty and Justice for AllThe goal of the Publishing Project is to preserve and distribute the work of Joe Morecraft, including sermons, lectures, video, and writings. He was the founding pastor of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in 1974 and ministered here for over 40 years. It is our desire to ensure that all of his teaching will be archived for generations to come.  A donation here will allow for the equipment, materials, and time needed to restore, digitize, proof, and publish these valuable resources.


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